Pediatrics – A Case-Based Review: Michaela Kreckmann (ed)

Published by Thieme, Stuttgart; New York; 2019; eISBN- 978-3-13-205361-8

The book (in casebook/workbook format) is aimed at guiding its reader to confidently manage pediatric patients, providing the reader with approach to the case as well as the further plan. It systematically covers most of the topics any practitioner dealing with children, will encounter in his/her day-to-day practice; covering 85 cases across 17 sub-specialities of pediatrics, ranging from newborn care, adolescence, trauma to burn injuries. The topics covered are relevant to both OPD as well as emergency settings. Each topic starts with a clinical vignette, followed by relevant questions that simulate learning and application of knowledge. The reader is expected to write up the responses to the questions posed, in a manner similar to that faced in real life situations. The entire process is geared towards developing better understanding of the topics.

One of the strengths of the book is that it provides accurate clinical scenarios along with abundant illustrations, not limited to clinical photos or laboratory or radiology investigations, and stimulates the reader for their interpretation.

A unique feature of this book is that it is written from a perspective of a physician practicing in the community, and covers the cases which are easily left out, in preference to more complex cases the trainees are exposed to during their training, in tertiary hospitals. So, it helps cover the gap, which a practitioner may face after finishing his training.

For each topic, there are answers to the questions asked as well as sections that provide a summary for the topic covering its pathogenesis, history, examination, differential diagnosis, and the management.

The text is written in an easy to read manner and is yet concise enough to finish in a short span of time. The quality of production is excellent.

This book will serve as a good supplement to traditional textbooks of Pediatrics. Although the book doesn’t present evidence or some of the terminologies used may be country specific, it still captivates readers’ attention.

This book deserves a place in the library of any healthcare provider, who is dealing with children, ranging from medical students to residents to nurse practitioners and physicians.

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