Peer to peer communication framework for 5G networks using Ambient Service


Efficient data routing in 5G radio access networks is still a challenging issue in present days. Therefore, Peer to Peer Communication Framework along with Ambient Service implementation for 5G networks is proposed to support Radio Access Network (RAN). RAN management energetically monitors network traffic for various backhaul networks. In addition, for supporting different Quality of Service (QoS) desires a corresponding scheme named Incorporated System Resource Administration (ISRA) is proposed and splits the resource requests in to various kinds of network slices. ISRA method selects the mini-cloud on basis of route resource requirement for direct peer to peer communication. Peer Dock functionality is applied over all existing peers in the network that has high-quality processing capacity accessible. Data is commonly stored at abode mini-cloud and freely moves from peer to peer and be backed up using peer dock process along with ambient service. Network slicing is the prominent method that offers network flexibility with cost efficient manner. This method greatly reduces bandwidth necessitate for backhaul networks. Simulation analysis is carried out and the results are compared with the conventional schemes.

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  • Ambient Service
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