Endoscopic Transcanal Myringoplasty–Smart Myringoplasty for Nex Gen ENT Surgeons: Our Experience


Otolaryngology is one of the branch where endoscopes is being widely used nowadays to perform different surgeries. Ear surgeries are of special interest among the ENT surgeons. It has several advantages compared to the microscopes. 60 patients underwent endoscopic transcanal myringoplasty by the postgraduate residents under direct supervision of same consultants, using temporalis facia graft. The overall success rate in terms of graft uptake was 86.67% and the AB gap closure of < 10 dB in 63.3% of cases and 10–20 dB in 33.3%. Endoscopic myringoplasty was found to be equally effective, less morbid and very cost effective than the microscopic myringoplasty. This was applicable irrespective of the size of the perforation and condition of the middle ear (dry/wet) in our centre.

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