Supra Auricular Approach in Management of Preauricular Sinus


Aim of study includes review on supra-auricular approach and its clearance of the tract including its branches and also its efficacy in reduction of recurrence when compared to standard technique. Prospective study in which 10 patients attending ENT opd with clinically diagnosed preauricular sinus undergoing supra-auricular approach under GA/LA, willing to participate in study were selected. An elliptical incision of the standard technique extended higher upward to pre- and supra-auricular temporal region. Plane of temporalis fascia was delineated. Skin, anterior to the sinus and tragus was separated. Soft tissue between the plane of temporalis fascia (deep limit) and the skin anterior to the sinus excised along with the piece of adjoining helical cartilage. This excised tissue contains the entire tract with its possible branches giving no room for recurrence. Patients were followed up for 6 months. 10 patient’s data was updated and analyzed. No recurrence observed in all 10 patients. Supra auricular approach is useful and helpful technique for preauricular sinus tract excision with no recurrence rate. However further studies are required with large sample size.

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  • Preauricular sinus
  • Surgical management
  • Supra auricular approach
  • Recurrence rate