Complications of Paediatric Cochlear Implantation in the Population of Uttarakhand


Cochlear implants surgery is now routinely done at this center. Complications which have been experienced in cochlear implant surgery at our center are discussed, as a detailed knowledge about the complications and their early anticipation can save an expensive device and most importantly patients morbidity. To discuss the complications of the paediatric cochlear implantation in the population of Uttarakhand. The total of 60 patients were included in this study (age group 1–5 years) who had undergone the cochlear implantation surgery between Sept. 2015 and Sept. 2016. These patients were regularly monitored and followed up for 1 year. All the surgeries were performed by same team of surgeons. Rate of minor complications is 8.33% (reversible facial nerve paresis, injury to chorda tympani nerve, local skin reaction, perilymph gussher) and major complications is 5% (implant rejection and flap necrosis). The various complications should be closely monitored by the surgeon so that these can be avoided.

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