Parental Expectation and Perception of CI Benefits in Their Implanted Wards


Parents of implanted children develop a set of expectations prior to implantation about future performance and outcomes of their child. This set of expectations has an important impact on post-implant satisfaction levels. The position of the parent in the household makes them uniquely placed to assess the impact of implantation in the context within which the child grows up. There is strong need to find out expectations of parents from CI outcomes in implanted children. The functional benefits of CI may be measured by administering the parental perception of CI benefits in their implanted wards. The primary aim of the study was to find out different expectations of CI outcomes in parents of CI users and the perception of CI outcomes in the parents of CI users. Secondary aim was to find out the most important concerns of parents towards their implanted children. Twenty families with a child implanted for duration of more than 2 years were selected for the study. Two questionnaires (1) Parent Expectations Questionnaire for Cochlear Implants (Nemours children clinic) and (2) Parents and their cochlear implanted child Questionnaire (O’Neill Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 68: 149–160 2004) were administered on these parents. Results were analyzed qualitatively. Parents expected their implanted children to use the telephone, to be able to detect soft sounds, to listen in crowds, to be able to easily understand others, and to show improvement in communication skills. The quality of speech, process of implantation, to take time off for the appointments at the implant centre and making decision to proceed with implantation were main concerns of the parents. Parents have a high expectation from their implanted children in all domains of life i.e. communication abilities, social and academic skills. Parents have high positive views about the outcomes of the CI. However there are areas which need attention for a positive outcome from the point of view of parents of implanted children.

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