Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery Through Trans-oral Vestibular Approach (TOVA): A Case Series and Review of Literature

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Endoscopic surgery is now standard of care for different Endocrine Disorders; the endoscopic thyroid surgery is becoming more popular and different approaches has been practice by many thyroid surgeon worldwide. Trans-orovestibular approach, based on the principle of natural orifice transluminal surgery is truly scar free thyroid surgery and has minimal dissection. We are presenting here three cases of benign solitary thyroid nodule operated endoscopically through trans-oro-vestibular approach in one male and two female patients. Described about the approach, challenges during surgery and outcome. These surgeries documented very few in literatures in live human patients. Transoral endoscopic thyroid surgery through vestibular approach is shortest and direct remote access approach. The need of limited dissection in this approach provides less complication and excellent cosmetic outcome in strictly selected patients.


Endoscopic thyroid surgery Natural orifice thyroid surgery Transoral thyroid surgery 


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