Neuroectodermally Derived Neoplasm of Tonsil: Difficulty in Histomorphological Diagnosis

  • Albina Venus
  • Sangita Sharma Mehta
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Esthesioneuroblastomas are rare neuroectodermally derived neoplasms occurring in the upper nasal septum or cribriform plate. They have been rarely reported in other sites, when they are called ectopic esthesioneuroblastomas. Due to the scarcity of reports, publications and molecular/genetic studies of these tumours, their diagnosis is likely to be missed when they are ectopic. Similar to the case report in this journal by Zahedi et al., we had a case of neuroectodermally derived neoplasm of the tonsil, which was difficult to diagnose, due to the site of occurrence being unknown for these tumours.


Tonsil Esthesioneuroblastoma Paraganglioma Neuroectodermal Head and neck 


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