Assessment of overall response of interacting skirted strip footings located on layered soil


In the present research, the overall response of interacting skirted strip footings resting on soft clayey soil over dense sand has been numerically investigated with the aid of finite element. The load carrying capacity of interfering skirted strip footings has been assessed by altering different geometrical and geotechnical parameters namely, depth of clayey layer, depth of water table, embedment depth of footing and spacing between footings. The interacting mechanism of skirted strip footings has been perceived through displacement mechanism. Moreover, the bending moment patterns of interfering skirts have been investigated for various spacings. Finally, the critical spacing, the spacing after which the interfering skirted strip footing behaves as isolated skirted strip footing, has been assessed through changing various geometrical and geotechnical parameters. It has been observed that changing of water table depth has no impact over critical spacing of skirted strip footings. It has been perceived that the extreme bending moment in interfering skirt increases with increasing the spacing between skirted strip footings up to critical spacing and beyond critical spacing the obtained maximum bending moments are identical.

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  • Strip footing
  • skirt
  • interference
  • critical spacing
  • bending moment
  • finite element method