Pulse laser welding of high carbon alloy steel: assessment of melt pool geometry and mechanical performance


An attempt has been made to join high carbon alloy steel sheet of 0.9 mm thickness by pulse Nd:YAG laser beam welding. Weld melt-pool geometry (i.e., melting depth and width) and the microstructure of the weld zone was analyzed through the optical microscopic images. The tensile strength of the weld joint was assessed through a universal testing machine. The variation of microhardness value in the melt pool zone of the weldment was assessed through Vickers micro indentation method. The effect of laser peak power and scan speed on the melt pool geometry, microstructure, tensile strength, and microhardness value of the weld joint was explored. The outcomes indicated that within the experimental domain for an optimum processing condition (laser peak power: 5 kW, beam diameter: 0.7 mm, pulse duration: 7 ms, and pulse frequency: 5 Hz), full penetrated welding was achieved, which exhibited almost 85% of the base material strength.

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  • Laser welding
  • pulse laser
  • high carbon alloy steel
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  • tensile strength