Failure modes of end-plate connections with outer flange stiffeners: an experimental and numerical study


This paper presents the experimental and numerical results of six full-scale beam-to-column connections with bolted end plates in two groups. The effects of vertical and horizontal stiffeners on the static behaviour of the semi-rigid beam-to-column bolted connections were investigated. In addition, the aim of this research was to analyse the influence of end-plate connections that utilize the IPE profile with stiffeners welded on the behaviour of steel connections, to provide the necessary data for improving Eurocode 3, efficient use of residue IPE profiles and back to the consumption cycle. Furthermore, finite-element and experimental models of semi-rigid vertical and horizontal stiffened bolted connections were tested and compared. The main parameters observed are the evolution of the resistance, the stiffness, the rotation capacity, the ductility of a joint, failure mode and the energy dissipation.

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M jRd :

The plastic flexural resistance

θ MRd :

The rotation of plastic flexural resistance

M jmax :

The maximum bending moment

θ Mjmax :

The rotation of maximum bending moment

M θCd :

The bending moment capacity

θ Cd :

The rotation of bending moment capacity

Ψ j :

The ductility of a joint

Ψ jmaxload :

The maximum load and corresponding ductility levels


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