DVSMS: dynamic value stream mapping solution by applying IIoT


The purpose of any business is to delight the customer as a primary stakeholder, thereby enhancing the growth and profitability. Understanding customer needs and building them on end to end value chain not only will result in serving customers on time, but also improve the effectiveness of the processes to retain competitiveness. Value stream mapping remains a popular visualization tool in the hands of the Lean Manager who seeks to produce more with less. However, value stream mapping (VSM) tends to be static and skill dependent. With the advent of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), there could be a paradigm shift on how VSM could be leveraged for maximizing results. IIoT makes it possible to convert the VSM as a dynamic one, enhancing with several additional parameters measured simultaneously in real time, making the relationship between cause and effect more visible. Literally, with the addition of IIoT, we could digitally re-live the moments from the past to identify the connections between the cause and effect more specifically with better accuracy. In this paper, we attempt to clarify how IIoT could enhance the VSM as a strategic differentiator for making better decisions. In a sensor-based efficiency monitoring system, the VSM becomes dynamic; thereby all the parameters including the bottleneck operations could be continuously monitored and acted upon to attain the future state eliminating the dependency on the expertise of the people.

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