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Basalt: structural insight as a construction material

  • Smriti Raj
  • V Ramesh Kumar
  • B H Bharath Kumar
  • Nagesh R Iyer


The need for the development of novel and innovative materials is instrumental at every stage of societal improvements, leading to the overall development of a country. One such material of abundant source is basalt. The use of basalt in different forms like fibre, rod, grid and laminates has captured the interest of society from the 20th century onwards. Lately, basalt fibre has attracted attention as a possible construction material due to its properties such as high modulus of elasticity, high elastic strength, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, extended operating temperature range and ease of handling. This paper explores the state of the art of basalt used in the construction industry with the overall layout of different subcategories of historical background starting from fibre development and different chemical and mechanical fibre properties to its applications in the field. Comparative studies have also been reported with respect to other high-strength fibre like glass, steel and carbon fibre based on different physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Along with these, a review has been done on the usage of different basalt products like aggregate, rod, fibre, mesh, etc. in structural applications. The review also tends to identify critical constraints that restrain the implementation of basalt as a global construction material, thereby opening avenues of needed research. An insight on inconsistency reported in the literature with respect to the behaviour of basalt-fibre-reinforced composites is also expressed in this paper. The overall idea is to gain information and identify and prioritize research areas of the possible applications of basalt towards sustainable construction.


Basalt fibre structural application aggregate reinforcement 



The authors thank the support rendered by the staff of Computational Structural Mechanics Group. This paper is being published with the kind permission of the Director, CSIR-SERC, Chennai.


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    • 1
  • V Ramesh Kumar
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  • B H Bharath Kumar
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  • Nagesh R Iyer
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  1. 1.Advanced Materials Laboratory, Academy of Scientific and Innovative ResearchCSIR-SERCTaramani, ChennaiIndia
  2. 2.Computational Structural Mechanics Group, Academy of Scientific and Innovative ResearchCSIR-SERCTaramani, ChennaiIndia
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  4. 4.Academy of Scientific and Innovative ResearchCSIR-SERCTaramani, ChennaiIndia

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