Rigidity of Bott–Samelson–Demazure–Hansen variety for \({\varvec{F}}_{\varvec{4}}\) and \({\varvec{G}}_{\varvec{2}}\)


Let G be a simple algebraic group of adjoint type over \({\mathbb {C}},\) whose root system is of type \(F_{4}.\) Let T be a maximal torus of G and B be a Borel subgroup of G containing T. Let w be an element of the Weyl group W and X(w) be the Schubert variety in the flag variety G/B corresponding to w. Let \(Z(w, {\underline{i}})\) be the Bott–Samelson–Demazure–Hansen variety (the desingularization of X(w)) corresponding to a reduced expression \({\underline{i}}\) of w. In this article, we study the cohomology modules of the tangent bundle on \(Z(w_{0}, {\underline{i}}),\) where \(w_{0}\) is the longest element of the Weyl group W. We describe all the reduced expressions of \(w_{0}\) in terms of a Coxeter element such that \(Z(w_{0}, {\underline{i}})\) is rigid (see Theorem 7.1). Further, if G is of type \(G_{2},\) there is no reduced expression \({\underline{i}}\) of \(w_{0}\) for which \(Z(w_{0}, {\underline{i}})\) is rigid (see Theorem 8.2).

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  • Bott–Samelson–Demazure–Hansen variety
  • coexeter element
  • tangent bundle

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 14M15