Features of Jeffrey fluid flow with Hall current: A spectral simulation


The Hall current in MHD flow stimulates substantial interest of researchers because of its wide role in many geophysical, astrophysical and fluid engineering situations (construction of turbines, Hall accelerator and centrifugal machines). Motivated by such wide applications, the present work reports the influence of Hall current and thermal radiation on the three-dimensional Jeffrey fluid flow over a stretching surface. In order to achieve similar solution of the governing equations, transformation technique is adopted. The mathematical model is numerically solved by using a spectral technique, namely successive linearisation method (SLM). To explore the feature of various factors, e.g. Hall current and thermal radiation, the variation of flow dominant parameters on the obtained profiles are carefully elucidated with graphs. It can be sensed from the obtained graphs that primary and secondary velocity increase, but, temperature reduces with the enhancement in Hall current. Radiation parameter has the tendency to increase the temperature of the fluid.

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One of the authors, R Nandkeolyar, thankfully acknowledges the grant received from Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India (File No.: ECR/2017/000118/PMS).

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  • Hall current
  • Jeffrey fluid
  • thermal radiation
  • successive linearisation method
  • stretching sheet


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