Structural, magnetic and electrical properties of Ni–Co–Cu–Mn ferrite \(+\) PZT composite thick films


Ni–Co–Cu–Mn Ferrite \(+\) PZT (\({\hbox {PbZr}}_{0.52} {\hbox {Ti}}_{0.48} {\hbox {O}}_{3}\)) ferroelectric: composite thick films were prepared by the screen-printing method. The normal XRD and the low glancing angle XRD confirm the presence of both phases in the composite thick films. Back-scattered SEM shows 0-3 and 3-3 types of connectivity. The magnetic ordering of the ferrite phase was confirmed from \(M\hbox {--}H\) hysteresis loop whereas the electric ordering of the ferroelectric phase was confirmed from \(P\hbox {--}E\) hysteresis curve. Various measurable parameters from the loop were studied as a function of the mole percent of constituent phases. PUND (positive up negative down) analysis was done to determine the resultant polarisation contributed by the participating phases in the composites. Dielectric and magnetoelectric (ME) measurements were analysed in the light of PUND measured data.

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One of the author, Vijaya Puri, gratefully acknowledges UGC New Delhi, for the award of Research Scientist “C”. PJ acknowledges UGC-BSR fellowship. The authors thank UGC-SAP, DST FIST and PIFC (Physics Instrumentation Facility Centre), Department of Physics, SUK for their assistance. The authors also are thankful to Dr V R Reddy and Dr A Banerjee of IUC Indore India for providing their facilities.

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  • Composites
  • thick films
  • positive up negative down measurements
  • polarisation
  • hysteresis
  • multiferroics


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  • 77.22.Ej
  • 75.60.-d
  • 75.85.+t