Joint remote state preparation of an arbitrary eight-qubit cluster-type state


In this paper, we put forward a scheme to realise joint remote state preparation (JRSP) of an arbitrary eight-qubit cluster-type state with two non-maximally entangled Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger (GHZ) states in a recursive manner. The senders begin by helping the remote receiver to construct one intermediate state which is related to the target state closely. Then, the receiver introduces auxiliary qubits and applies appropriate local operations to obtain the target eight-qubit cluster-type state. It is shown that one new GHZ channel can be distributed among three participants with a certain probability if the initial attempt fails. Moreover, compared with the previous protocols, in our scheme both quantum resources and classical communications are considerably reduced.

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This work is supported by the Tang scholar project of Soochow University, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos 6147319 and 61873162), the Suzhou key industry technology innovation project (No. SYG201808) and Key Laboratory of System Control and Information Processing, Ministry of Education, China (No. Scip201804).

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  • Joint remote state preparation
  • Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state
  • cluster-type state
  • recursive


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