Effects of straw mulching on soil evaporation during the soil thawing period in a cold region in northeastern China

  • Qiang Fu
  • Peiru Yan
  • Tianxiao Li
  • Song Cui
  • Li Peng


To study the effect of straw mulching on soil water evaporation, it is necessary to measure soil water evaporation under different conditions of straw mulching during the soil thawing period. A field experiment was conducted in winter, and soil evaporation was measured using a microlysimeter on bare land (LD) and 4500 (GF4500), 9000 (GF9000) and 13500 \(\hbox {kg/hm}^{2}\) (GF13500) straw mulch. The influence of different quantities of straw mulch on soil water evaporation during the thawing period was analyzed using the Mallat algorithm, statistical analysis and information cost function. The results showed that straw mulching could delay the thawing of the surface soil by 3–6 d, decrease the speed at which the surface soil thaws by 0.40–0.80 cm/d, delay the peak soil liquid water content, increase the soil liquid water content, reduce the cumulative evaporation by 2.70–7.40 mm in the thawing period, increase the range of soil evaporation by 0.04–0.10 mm in the early stage of the thawing period, and reduce the range of soil evaporation by 0.25–0.90 mm in the late stage of the thawing period. Straw mulching could reduce the range of and variation in soil evaporation and can reduce the effect of random factors on soil evaporation. When the amount of straw mulch exceeded 9000 \(\hbox {kg/hm}^{2}\), the effect of increasing the amount of straw mulch on daily soil water evaporation was small.


Straw mulching soil water evaporation soil thawing period freezing depth soil liquid water content 



This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (51279031, 51679039, 51479032), Excellent Youth Foundation of Heilongjiang Scientific Committee (JC201402), and Yangtze River Scholars in Universities of Heilongjiang Province. The authors express their gratitude to the editors and the anonymous reviewers for their valuable suggestions. The data related to this research are available to all interested researchers upon request.


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  • Peiru Yan
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  • Tianxiao Li
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  • Song Cui
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  • Li Peng
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