Iodine-catalyzed regioselective C-3 arylation of indoles with p-quinols


Iodine-mediated highly convenient strategy for the C-3 arylation of indoles with p-quinols is presented. The present work surpasses in forming a C–C bond at the meta-position of the phenols, which is traditionally challenging to functionalize. This protocol further leads the way to have ascendable, forthright access to phenol-assimilated heterocycles which have powerful applications both in synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

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Iodine-mediated highly convenient and rapid protocol for C-3 arylation of indoles with p-quinols is presented. This methodology utilizes readily available indoles, furans and thiophene for Michael addition to p-quinols and subsequent aromatization to access phenol-assimilated heterocycles which have powerful applications both in synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

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    CCDC number of compound 15 is 1877135

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We thank the Department of Science Technology (DST) for providing HRMS facility in the FIST program, and ND thanks the MHRD, New Delhi for a research fellowship.

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  • C-3 arylation of indoles
  • meta-functionalized phenols
  • indole-phenol hybrids
  • regioselective reaction