Gold-catalyzed formation of substituted aminobenzophenone derivatives via intramolecular 6-endo-dig cyclization


An efficient and straightforward synthetic method to access substituted aminobenzophenones has been developed. This transformation was catalyzed by gold and a new C—C bond was formed through intramolecular 6-endo-dig cyclization. The substituted aminobenzophenones were obtained in good to excellent yields.

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Gold-catalyzed formation of substituted aminobenzophenone derivatives via intramolecular 6-endo-dig cyclization

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D. P. thanks UGC for his senior research fellowship and AcSIR. We thank Director CSIR-IICT for his support. V. N. D. and Dr. K. S. thank the Central University of Karnataka.

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  • Aminobenzophenones
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  • Gold catalysis
  • 6-endo-dig cyclization