Niobium pentoxide, a recyclable heterogeneous solid surface catalyst for the synthesis of α-amino phosphonates


Niobium pentoxide, a bifunctional solid surface catalyst, has been successfully employed to facilitate the three-component reaction between aldehydes, amines and triethyl phosphite at room temperature under solvent-free conditions to generate α-amino phosphonate in moderate to good yields. The catalyst can be recycled through simple filtration and reused to effect this transformation.

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We thank the SERB, New Delhi for financial (Grant No. CRG/2019/002,960) support. AS acknowledges the UGC for the fellowship. We thank UGC-SAP, Department of Chemistry. We gratefully acknowledge the Department of Chemistry, Pondicherry University for HRMS facility (DST-FIST Sponsored); Central Instrumentation Facility, Pondicherry University for NMR and IR data.

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  • α-Amino phosphonates
  • Bifunctional catalyst
  • Niobium pentoxide
  • Kabachnik-fields reaction
  • Organophosphorus compounds