Sensitive determination of kojic acid in tomato sauces using Ni–Fe layered double hydroxide synthesized through Fe-MIL-88 metal-organic framework templated route


A sacrificial template, Fe-MIL-88 is used to synthesize Ni–Fe layered double hydroxide (Ni–Fe LDH). The metal-organic framework (Fe-MIL-88) is synthesized from the precursors, ferric nitrate and terephthalic acid. Electrocatalytic oxidation of kojic acid (KA) is realized by Ni–Fe LDH film which is coated on a glassy carbon electrode (GC). Under the optimized conditions, amperometry measurements at the Ni–Fe LDH coated GC as a function of KA concentration demonstrates a sensitive determination of KA. The calibration curve shows two linear ranges, 1–1500 µM and 1500–4500 µM for the KA determination. Detection limit for the KA determination is estimated as 0.73 µM. The practical applicability of this method is confirmed by measuring the KA concentration present in various real samples.

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A new sensor for the determination kojic acid is developed based on Ni–Fe layered double hydroxide which is synthesized through the Fe-MIL-88 templated route. Further, the synthesized material is used for the determination of kojic acid present in different brands of commercial tomato sauces.

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Generous financial support from DST-ASEAN (IMRC/AISTDF/R&D/P-16/2018) and DST (SR/NM/NS-2012/2013(G)), New Delhi is gratefully acknowledged. DKY acknowledges UGC, New Delhi for Senior Research Fellowship.

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  • Ni–Fe LDH
  • Fe-MIL-88
  • kojic acid
  • amperometry
  • electrocatalysis
  • sacrificial template