Efficient and selective catalytic N-Alkylation of pyrimidine by ammonium Sulfate@Hydro-thermal carbone under eco-friendly conditions


An efficient and inexpensive method for the N-alkylation of pyrimidines using ammonium sulfate coated Hydro-Thermal-Carbone (HTC) (AS@HTC) as reused heterogeneous catalyst was developed. The catalyst was characterized by several analytical techniques such as SEM, XRD, and FTIR. The effect of various parameters was studied including catalyst loading, mole ratio, to achieve excellent selectivity and yields in 80–90%. Significantly, the present protocol offers the use of an inexpensive and environmentally friendly catalyst and simple workup. The simplicity of the procedure, excellent yield of the products, and the recyclability of the catalyst are the main advantages of this method.

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Ammonium sulfate coated Hydro-Thermal-Carbone (HTC) (AS@HTC); an efficient and reused heterogeneous catalyst of the N-alkylation of pyrimidines was developed. Excellent selectivity and yields (80–90%) toward N1-alkylpyrimidines were achieved. Significantly, the present protocol offers the use of an inexpensive and environmentally friendly catalyst and simple workup.

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The authors would like to acknowledge Prof. Mahmoud H. el Kouni (Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA) for helpful discussions. We also thank Professor Marcus Wright (Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA) for technical assistance and the technical staff of the CAC (Centre of Analysis and Characterization) University Cadi Ayyad for running the spectroscopic analysis.

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  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • AS@HTC
  • N-alkylation
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