Cobalt (II) complex catalyzed polymerization of lactide and coupling of CO2 and styrene oxide into cyclic styrene carbonate


In the present study, the cobalt (II) complex [Co-HMBED] has been prepared and characterized by spectrochemical techniques, which confirmed its square planar structure. The catalytic activity of the cobalt complex was evaluated towards solvent-free conversion of CO2 and styrene oxide into cyclic styrene carbonate and polymerization of lactide.

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This perspective describes the synthesis, characterization and catalytic studies of Co-HMBED complex; towards coupling of styrene oxide and CO2 to produce cyclic styrene carbonates and polymerization of lactide.

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The authors are grateful to Ravenshaw University and National Institute of Technology, Raipur for providing research facilities. This work was supported by DST project number SB/FT/CS-174/2011 and UGC project number 41-274/2012(SR), New Delhi, India.

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Correspondence to Alekha Kumar Sutar.

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  • CO2
  • Styrene oxide
  • cyclic carbonate
  • PLA
  • Schiff base
  • Cobalt complex