Copper (cat) and phenylboronic acid mediated deformylative C-N coupling of isoindolinone-3-ols with formamides provide C(3) aminoisoindolinones

  • H Surya Prakash Rao
  • J Prabhakaran
  • Silambarasan Kanniyappan
  • A Veera Bhadra Rao
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Copper(I) iodide efficiently catalyzes deformylative C-N coupling of formamides and isoindolinone-3-ols to provide C(3) primary/secondary amine substituted isoindolinones. The transformation requires a stoichiometric amount of phenylboronic acid as a co-reactant. In the reaction, formamides act as the synthetic equivalent of primary/secondary amines. The method is amenable for the synthesis of a combinatorial library of medicinally relevant C(3) amino substituted isoindolinones.

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Copper(I) iodide efficiently catalyzes deformylative C-N coupling of formamides and isoindolinone-3-ols in presence of stoichiometric amount of phenylboronic acid (co-reactant) to provide C(3) primary/secondary amine substituted isoindolinones. Here, formamides act as synthetic equivalents of primary/secondary amines. Herein we report synthesis of a combinatorial library of medicinally relevant C(3) amino substituted isoindolinones.


Isoindolinones copper catalysis deformylative C-N coupling phenylboronic acid 



H S P R thanks UGC, UGC-SAP, and DST-FIST for financial assistance and instrumental facilities. J P thanks PU and UGC, AVR thanks CSIR, and S.K thanks PU for fellowships. We thank CIF, Pondicherry University for recording some of the spectra.

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  • H Surya Prakash Rao
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  • J Prabhakaran
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  • Silambarasan Kanniyappan
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  • A Veera Bhadra Rao
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