Modelling experimental parameters for fabrication of nanofibres using Taguchi optimization by an electrospinning machine


In this research study, a photo-electrospinning device was designed and manufactured to produce nanofibres (NFs) by using an optical polymerization method. For this purpose, an electrospinning machine was designed and optimized. Various parameters such as voltage, speed of collector and distance were investigated on the uniformity and diameter of polycaprolactone fibres. Therefore, a Taguchi experimental design was used to optimize the diameter of the fibres. Nine experiments were conducted using scanning electron microscopy to study the surface morphology of the obtained fibres. The best conditions for producing NFs include: voltage \(=\) 15 V, speed of collector \(=\) 600 rpm and distance \(=\) 20 cm.

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  • Photo-electrospinning
  • optical polymerization
  • nanofibres
  • modelling
  • Taguchi design