Synthesis and electrochemical analysis of \(\hbox {AlVMoO}_{7}\) oxide prepared via sol–gel method

  • D Saritha


In this study, \(\hbox {AlVMoO}_{7}\) phase was fruitfully synthesized by sol–gel method and investigated as electrode material. The role of trivalent cation Al on the position of V and Mo redox couples in a three-dimensional framework of \(\hbox {AlVMoO}_{7}\) promoted us to use this compound. The electrochemical insertion of Li in this phase was characterized by both solid solution and two-phase regimes. In the voltage range of 3.2–1.5, the first cycle discharge capacity value was found to be \(310\,\hbox {mAh g}^{-1}\). It showed very good capacity of \(180\,\hbox {mAh g} ^{-1}\) even after 20 cycles.


3D structure \(\hbox {AlVMoO}_{7}\) electrochemical Li insertion 



This work was carried out in Indian Institute of Technology, IIT, Madras and IITM is gratefully acknowledged. It is my immense pleasure to express my sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to my research supervisor Prof U V Varadaraju for his useful suggestions rendered during my research.


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