Facile synthesis and characterization of \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) and \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) powders

  • Xinghua Su
  • Jing Zhang
  • Ge Bai


All-inorganic caesium lead-halide perovskite \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) and \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) powders have emerged as attractive optoelectronic materials owing to their stabilities and highly efficient photoluminescence (PL). Herein we report a facile chemical route to prepare highly luminescent monoclinic \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) and tetragonal \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) powders at room temperature. The \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) powders exhibit regular crystal shape and demonstrate polyhedral geometry with an average particle size of 10 \(\upmu \)m. The \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) powders show platelet morphologies and the lateral sizes of the particles are from 5 up to 200 \(\upmu \)m. Both \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) and \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) powders present a narrow emission line-width and PL emission of 528 and 527 nm, respectively. A direct band gap of 2.35 eV and an indirect band gap of 3.01 eV are calculated for \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) and \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) powders, respectively. In addition, the monoclinic \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) can be transformed to tetragonal \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) in the presence of water. The large-scale synthesis of \(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) and \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) will be advantageous in future applications of optoelectronic devices.


\(\hbox {CsPbBr}_{3}\) \(\hbox {CsPb}_{2}\hbox {Br}_{5}\) powders synthesis characterization 



This work was supported by the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation under Grant Number 2015M582584, the Postdoctoral Research Project of Shaanxi Province under Grant Number 2016BSHEDZZ06, the Special Fund for Basic Scientific Research of Central Colleges, Chang’an University, under Grant Number 310831171011 and the Special Fund for Basic Research Support Programs of Chang’an University.


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  1. 1.School of Materials Science and EngineeringChang’an UniversityXi’anChina

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