2021 Letter from the Editor-in-chief

Despite the obvious global problems, it has been a good year for the journal and we are looking forward to another great year, with a special issue edited by Associate Editor Parinandi on the “Chemistry and Biology of Bioactive Lipids”. We intend to initiate a “Hot Topics” section in each issue highlighting new and timely research that impacts on cell biochemistry and biophysics. What is most encouraging is that our impact factor remains stable and we are optimistic about another increase when the 2020 figures are released. This is attributed to the high quality submissions from readers like you.

We again want to recognize the excellent reviewing by the many experts in the field of cell biochemistry and biophysics; unfortunately, we cannot list their names due to proprietary issues. The Editorial Board members have been phenomenal, including advising on the relevance and suitability of newly submitted articles to reviewing and adjudicating conflicting opinions on articles under review. Their input is invaluable to maintaining and continuing the high quality standards that we strive to attain. We have added new members: Pankaj Dwivedi, Genentech Inc., Peter Schuck, N.I.H., and Jing Zhao, The Ohio State University Medical Center. They are invaluable additions to our first-class board.

As a note to authors, please read our policies on computational studies before submitting articles. In addition, we are receiving a plethora of articles on the use of microRNA and we will have guidelines as to which types of work that we will entertain. This can be found in the Instructions to Authors and the work must have a biochemical/mechanistic emphasis, not medical applications.

We hope that you have appreciated the new cover photo of the journal, which is a modern reflection of cell biochemistry and biophysics.

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