Erectile and Ejaculatory Dysfunction After Urethroplasty


Purpose of the Review

The goal of this paper was to evaluate the impact on erectile and ejaculatory function after anterior and posterior urethroplasty.

Recent Findings

With a rise in the use of urethroplasty, its impact on sexual function has come into question. For anterior urethroplasties, some degree of erectile dysfunction is common, but this tends to be transient, with most patients having a resolution of any de novo dysfunction by 12 months. Patients with posterior urethral strictures have a very high rate of erectile dysfunction prior to surgery and may show improvement after urethroplasty. Ejaculatory function tends to improve in patients due to alleviation of obstruction while some patients notice degradation in force of ejaculation.


While urethroplasty has a minimal permanent effect on sexual function for most patients, there are some patients who notice improvement and others worsening. Patients should be counseled on these risks prior to urethroplasty.

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