Evaluation and Management of Suspected Early Chronic Pancreatitis (ECP)


Purpose of Review

Chronic pancreatitis in the advanced stages leads to significant health care utilization because of the associated complications. Early-stage diagnosis could prevent the development of these complications by appropriate management. In this article, we reviewed the recent evidence pertaining to the diagnosis and management of early chronic pancreatitis (ECP).

Recent Findings

The working group for the International Consensus Guidelines for Chronic Pancreatitis has published consensus-based statements to streamline the diagnosis of ECP. There is no international consensus on the definition and diagnosis of ECP. The Revised Japanese Diagnostic Criteria for ECP based on clinical features and endoscopic ultrasound findings have been proposed. Large prospective cohort studies are needed to develop and validate internationally acceptable diagnostic criteria.


ECP is recognized as a distinct stage in the development and progression of CP. Consensus-based definitions and diagnostic criteria need to be developed.

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Acute pancreatitis


Chronic pancreatitis


Early chronic pancreatitis


Endoscopic ultrasound


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