Explicit fundamental solution for the operator \(L+\alpha |T|\) on the Gelfand pair \((\mathbb {H}_{n},U(n))\).


By means of the spherical functions associated to the Gelfand pair \((\mathbb {H}_{n},U(n))\) we define the operator \(L+\alpha |T|\), where L denotes the Heisenberg sublaplacian and T denotes the central element of the Heisenberg Lie algebra, we establish a notion of fundamental solution and explicitly compute in terms of the Gauss hypergeometric function. For \(\alpha <n\) we use the Integral Representation Theorem to obtain a more detailed expression. Finally, we remark that when \(\alpha =0\) we recover the fundamental solution for the Heisenberg sublaplacian given by Folland.

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  • Heisenberg group
  • Fundamental solution of pseudodifferential operator
  • Gelfand pair
  • Spherical functions

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  • 47G30
  • 58J40