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Exploring local stakeholders’ perceptions of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the Ebro delta



This paper analyzes local stakeholders’ perception of the effects of, and vulnerability to, climate change in the case of the Ebro delta (NW Mediterranean Sea). The specific survey carried out amongst relevant local stakeholders showed a high level of concern about the current and future effects of climate change on the physical and socio-economic structures of the Ebro delta. The results of the survey also showed that there is a general agreement on the lack of social and political awareness of the problems that climate change can create in the delta in the near future, as well as a lack of adaptation strategies (only suggested or already being implemented). Finally, the conclusions of the study mainly rely on the different adaptation strategies proposed by previous studies. If any of these strategies is to be developed, there is a clear need for a firm will - from the local, regional and national political authorities and stakeholders - that should allow the development of a new manner of governance that until now it has not been possible to develop in the Ebro delta.


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This research was funded by grant CSO2012-32148, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, “Innovative Ecosystem-Based Governance Strategies for Resilient Coasts (INN-COASTS)” project.


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