Effect of Electromagnetic Stirring on the Solidification Behavior of High-Magnetic-Induction Grain-Oriented Silicon Steel Continuous Casting Slab


The solidification behaviors of high-magnetic-induction grain-oriented silicon steel slabs have been investigated during experiments in industrial strand electromagnetic stirring (S-EMS). The current intensities of S-EMS were 0, 120, 200, and 350 A, and the frequency was 5 Hz. The ratio of the equiaxed crystal was 14.95%, 15.64%, 45.22%, and 66.96%, respectively. Central porosity cannot be eliminated by increasing the current intensity. The number, size, and ratio of segregation spots were markedly reduced by minimizing the equiaxed crystal zone. Carbon in the 0 and 120 A slabs exhibited a lower degree of macrosegregation compared with the 200 and 350 A slabs. Controlling the cooling rate and increasing the total reduction are the directions to further improve solidification structures, defects, and carbon segregation.

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The authors are grateful for support from the National Science Foundation China (Grant No. 51574019), Open Project of State Key Laboratory of Advanced Special Steel, Shanghai University (SKLASS 2017-12), China, and Shougang Qian’an Iron and Steel Company.

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