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Relaxation Pathways in Metallic Glasses



At temperatures below the glass transition temperature, physical properties of metallic glasses, such as density, viscosity, electrical resistivity or enthalpy, slowly evolve with time. This is the process of physical aging that occurs among all types of glasses and leads to structural changes at the microscopic level. Even though the relaxation pathways are ruled by thermodynamics as the glass attempts to re-attain thermodynamic equilibrium, they are steered by sluggish kinetics at the microscopic level. Understanding the structural and dynamic pathways of the relaxing glassy state is still one of the grand challenges in materials physics. We review some of the recent experimental advances made in understanding the nature of the relaxation phenomenon in metallic glasses and its implications to the macroscopic and microscopic properties changes of the relaxing glass.



The authors acknowledge the German Research Foundation (DFG) for support (GA1721/2-2, BU2276/6-2). We are furthermore grateful for collaborations and discussions with Z. Evenson, B. Ruta, D. Cangialosi, M. Stolpe, S. Hechler, O. Gross, L. Schmitt and A. Masuhr.


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