Computational fluid dynamics simulation of methanol to olefins in stage circulating fluidized bed riser: Effect of reactor stage parameters on product yields


The risers of a conventional fluidized bed reactor and a stage fluidized bed reactor for the convention of methanol to olefins (MTO) were simulated using computational fluid dynamics. The reaction rates of the MTO reaction were validated to successfully match with the literature experiment. Then, the reactor stage parameters were examined by using the 2k design of the experiment method, including the number of reactor stages, the thickness of the reactor stage, and the wall temperature of the reactor stage. The stage circulating fluidized bed riser decreased the yield of ethene but increased the yield of propene and light olefins. From the obtained solid volume fraction profile, the stage circulating fluidized bed riser could reduce the back-mixing and increase the system turbulence, which promotes the light olefins of the MTO reaction yield. The wall temperature of the reactor stage did not significantly affect the chemical reaction in the circulating fluidized bed riser.

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number of reactor stage [-]


thickness of reactor stage [-]


wall temperature of reactor stage [-]

C :

initial coke content of catalyst [%mol]

CA0 :

initial concentration of methanol [mol/L]

C D0 :

drag coefficient [-]


diffusivity [m2/s]

dp :

solid particle diameter [m]


restitution coefficient [-]


gravity force [m/s2]

g0 :

radial distribution function [-]


enthalpy [J/kg]


unit tensor [-]


diffusive flux [kg/m s]

ki :

rate constant of reaction [mol/(gcatalyst Pa s)]


pressure [Pa]

PA :

initial partial pressure of methanol gas [Pa]


gas constant [J/mol K]


Reynolds number [-]

Ri :

reaction rate [kmol/m3 s]


time [s]


temperature [K]


velocity [m/s]

X oxygenate :

percent conversion of oxygen compound [%]


mass fraction [-]

Y oxygenate :

mole ratio of oxygen compound [-]

α s :

volume ratio of catalyst [-]

β :

interphase exchange or drag coefficient model [kg/m3 s]

ε :

volume fraction [-]

ε s, max :

solid volume fraction at maximum packing [-]

γ s :

collisional dissipation of solid particle fluctuating energy [J/m s3]

κ s :

conductivity of solid particle fluctuating energy [kg/m s]

μ :

viscosity [kg/m s]

θ :

granular temperature [m2/s2]

ρ :

density [kg/m3]

ξ :

bulk viscosity [kg/m s]


catalyst deactivation factors [-]


drag correlation function [-]


gas phase






solid phase


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The authors thank the Thailand Research Fund and National Research Council of Thailand for providing a Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program Grant, No. PHD/0011/2561. The authors also thank the National Research Council of Thailand and Chulalongkorn University for providing the Mid-Career Research Grant (NRCT5-RSA63001-24).

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  • Circulating Fluidized Bed Riser
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Methanol to Olefins
  • Stage
  • Simulation