Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering

, Volume 35, Issue 5, pp 1099–1107 | Cite as

Designed synthesis of silver nanoparticles in responsive polymeric system for their thermally tailored catalytic activity towards hydrogenation reaction

  • Muhammad Shahid
  • Zahoor Hussain Farooqi
  • Robina Begum
  • Khalida Naseem
  • Muhammad Ajmal
  • Ahmad Irfan
Catalysis, Reaction Engineering


Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-acrylamide-methacrylic acid) [p(NIPa-AAm-Ma)] polymer microgels were prepared by free radical precipitation polymerization method. AgNPs were fabricated in the sieves of polymer network by chemical reduction using AgNO3 salt as a precursor of silver ions. Various techniques like dynamic light scattering (DLS), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Fourier transform infrared microscopy (FTIR), and UV-Visible spectroscopy were used for characterization of pure and composite microgels. The diameter of AgNPs fabricated in polymeric network was found to be in the range of 10-15 nm. Stimuli responsive behavior of hybrid microgels was same as that of pure microgels. Catalytic efficiency of the hybrid microgels was investigated by reducing 4-Nitroaniline (4-NA) into 4-Aminoaniline (4-AA) using NaBH4 as reducing agent under different conditions of temperature of the medium, concentration of reducing agent, 4-Nitroaniline and hybrid microgels to explore the catalysis process. Kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of reduction of 4-Nitroaniline in the presence of catalyst were also discussed on the basis of values of Arrhenius and Eyring parameters like pre-exponential factor, activation energy, enthalpy of activation and entropy of activation. Catalytic activity of the hybrid microgels was found to be thermally tunable in the temperature range of 25-70 oC. The value of rate constant (k app ) for reduction of 4-NA was minimum at 55 °C, which can be attributed to volume phase transition of the hybrid microgels.


Microgels Nanoparticles Catalysis Kinetics Thermodynamics 


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  • Muhammad Shahid
    • 1
  • Zahoor Hussain Farooqi
    • 1
  • Robina Begum
    • 2
  • Khalida Naseem
    • 1
  • Muhammad Ajmal
    • 3
  • Ahmad Irfan
    • 4
    • 5
  1. 1.Institute of ChemistryUniversity of the Punjab, New CampusLahorePakistan
  2. 2.Center of Undergraduate StudiesUniversity of the Punjab, New CampusLahorePakistan
  3. 3.Department of ChemistryUniversity of WahWah CanttPakistan
  4. 4.Research Center for Advanced Materials ScienceKing Khalid UniversityAbhaSaudi Arabia
  5. 5.Department of Chemistry, Faculty of ScienceKing Khalid UniversityAbhaSaudi Arabia

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