Existence and convergence of best proximity points in \(\mathrm{{CAT}}_\mathrm{{p}}(0)\) spaces


In this work, we study existence and convergence of best proximity points of a cyclic contraction mapping in a complete \(\mathrm{{CAT}}_\mathrm{{p}}(0)\) metric space, with \(p \ge 2\). The case of coupled best proximity points of a pair of cyclic contraction mappings is also discussed. As an application, we provide sufficient conditions to obtain an extension of the Banach Contraction Principle for coupled fixed points.

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  • Best proximity points
  • coupled best proximity points
  • fixed points
  • coupled fixed points
  • \(\mathrm{{CAT}}_\mathrm{{p}}(0)\) spaces
  • contraction mappings
  • cyclic contraction mappings

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  • 54H25
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  • 46C20