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A distributed dynamic mesh model of a helical gear pair with tooth profile errors

  • Qi-bin Wang (王奇斌)
  • Hong-bo Ma (马洪波)
  • Xian-guang Kong (孔宪光)
  • Yi-min Zhang (张义民)


A dynamic model of a helical gear rotor system is proposed. Firstly, a generally distributed dynamic model of a helical gear pair with tooth profile errors is developed. The gear mesh is represented by a pair of cylinders connected by a series of springs and the stiffness of each spring is equal to the effective mesh stiffness. Combining the gear dynamic model with the rotor-bearing system model, the gear-rotor-bearing dynamic model is developed. Then three cases are presented to analyze the dynamic responses of gear systems. The results reveal that the gear dynamic model is effective and advanced for general gear systems, narrow-faced gear, wide-faced gear and gear with tooth profile errors. Finally, the responses of an example helical gear system are also studied to demonstrate the influence of the lead crown reliefs and misalignments. The results show that both of the lead crown relief and misalignment soften the gear mesh stiffness and the responses of the gear system increase with the increasing lead crown reliefs and misalignments.

Key words

gear distributed dynamic model tooth profile errors helical gear pair rotor system dynamic response 



本文研究了斜齿轮转子系统动力学模型。 首先, 将斜齿轮啮合等效为沿齿宽方向上分布的一系列并联弹簧相连的圆柱, 其中弹簧的刚度为齿轮等效啮合刚度, 建立误差齿廓斜齿轮分布式动力学模型。 进一步结合转子–轴承动力学模型, 建立齿轮–转子–轴承系统动力学模型。 然后, 通过 3 个算例分析了齿轮系统的动力学响应, 结果显示, 对于窄齿面齿轮、 宽齿面齿轮、 修形齿廓齿轮, 本文的动力学模型均是有效的。 最后, 分析了齿向修形和齿轮不对中对齿轮系统动力学响应的影响, 结果表明, 齿向修形和齿轮不对中使得齿轮的刚度变小、 齿轮系统的振动响应变大。


分布式动力学模型 齿廓误差 斜齿轮 转子系统 动力学响应 


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  2. 2.School of Mechanical EngineeringShenyang University of Chemical TechnologyShenyangChina

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