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On the correlation of chaotic signals generated by multimodal skew tent map

  • Ahmed Sahnoune
  • Daoud Berkani
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In recent years, a great deal of attention has been devoted to the application of chaos theory in signal processing and communications. Despite the importance of spectral analysis in these domains, there are few works that take an interest in spectral properties of chaotic signals. In this work, we derive analytic expressions for the autocorrelation function and the auto-spectral density function of chaotic signals generated by a multimodal skew tent map. Our results reveal that chaotic signals generated from a multimodal skew tent map have similar spectral properties to those generated from a unimodal skew tent map.


Correlation Chaotic signals Statistical properties Multimodal skew tent maps Time series analyses 



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  1. 1.Signal and Communications LaboratoryEcole Nationale PolytechniqueEl-HarrachAlgeria

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