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Comments on: Extensive facility location problems on networks: an updated review

  • Francisco Saldanha-da-GamaEmail author


This paper reviews the work published in the past two decades on extensive facility location problems on networks. The authors start by motivating the topic, introducing the type of problems studied in this field of research, and setting the goals for the review. After presenting some notation to be used throughout the paper (Section 2), they revisit some general concepts and aspects of relevance when locating structures on networks (e.g., paths or trees). These include (1) recursive relations often used in a preprocessing phase when solving the problems, (2) the notion of centroid decomposition of a tree, and (3) data structures and properties, namely; top trees, binary trees, spine decomposition, and the nestedness property. Section 4 is fully devoted to the location of paths in a network. The contents are organized according to the type of objective involved in the problem: median, center, center-median, equity, and loss (e.g., in customers satisfaction). In every case, the...


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