Dilation of tracheal stenosis below tracheostomy tube with Dolphin percutaneous tracheostomy kit

Tracheal stenosis treated with Dolphin PDT

A Letter to the Editor to this article was published on 09 March 2020


We reported a new minimally invasive procedure to treat tracheal stenosis below tracheostomy tube using standard Ciaglia Blue Dolphin kit for percutaneous tracheostomy. Under endoscopic view, the Dolphin kit was inserted through the stoma into the stenosis; the balloon was inflated until a sufficient tracheal diameter was obtained; then, a longer tracheostomy tube was inserted through the stenosis and the distal tip placed near the carina. This procedure was succesfully applied in seven patients.

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Supplementary file1. Video summarized the main steps of the procedure including stenosis dilation, insertion of a longer tracheostomy tube, and follow-up. (MP4 38440 kb)

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