Surgical management of large undifferentiated cardiac sarcoma involving the right ventricle to pulmonary trunk


A large intra-cardiac tumor from the right ventricle to pulmonary trunk was detected by contrast-enhanced computed tomography and transthoracic echocardiography in a 59-year-old woman with progressive dyspnea on effort and acute congestive right-sided heart failure. Emergent surgical management was performed with cardiopulmonary bypass under cardiac arrest, however, tumor resection was incomplete, because it originated from the interventricular septum. Concomitant tricuspid valve replacement using a bioprosthesis was required due to the involvement of the septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve. Although large pulmonary thromboembolism was initially suspected, a pathological examination confirmed undifferentiated cardiac sarcoma. The patient did not consent to additional neoadjuvant chemotherapy or radiation therapy. After palliative surgical management, she was discharged. Recurrence rapidly progressed and the patient died approximately 2 months after surgery. We herein present a successful palliative surgical case of large cardiac undifferentiated sarcoma originating from the intraventricular septum and involving the right ventricle to pulmonary trunk.

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