Minimally invasive pulmonary surgery for lung cancer, up to date


Recently, the minimally invasive surgical approach is an important issue in the pulmonary surgery. In this review, we present the current fashion of video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and new approach including robotic lobectomy. There is no clear definition or standard for this surgical procedure regarding VATS lobectomy. Therefore, no randomized controlled trial of VATS and conventional lobectomy can be set up. Although the definition of VATS lobectomy is not straightforward, VATS lobectomy showed the technical feasibility of conventional lobectomy in mortality and postoperative complication as well as lymph node dissection. VATS procedure for advanced lung cancer is unclear whether such observations can be developed into a standardized approach. There are no reports to evaluate the advantages of robotic lobectomy in terms of treatment outcomes for lung cancer compared with VATS lobectomy. However, we believe that robotic lobectomy has clear potential to improve the quality of minimally invasive surgery.

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