Minimally Invasive Endogastric Removal of Migrated Gastric Band After Endoscopic Failure: How I Do It


Intragastric band migration is a rare and late complication of laparoscopic -adjustable gastric banding and should be recognized by all digestive surgeons. Endoscopic removal is most commonly performed, but surgery is an alternative in cases of endoscopic failure. Many different procedures have been reported. We show here (see Video) a fully laparoscopic endogastric procedure through two 5-mm antral gastrotomies. This technique can also be used to remove benign endogastric tumors. The procedure is safe and provides a large endogastric operative area, with no particular morbidity. Endogastric removal through a fully laparoscopic approach should be considered as the first alternative to endoscopic approach.

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