Effects of natural antioxidants on the palm olein quality during the heating and frying


Clean label products with natural antioxidants have always attracted great attention due to healthy benefits. In this study, the stability of palm olein oil with various natural antioxidants (cedarwood, citronella, clove, nutmeg and rosemary oil) during the heat treatment was investigated; the acidic value, conjugated diene and triene content, peroxide value, thiobarbituric acid reactive substance value and instrumental color of the palm olein oil were analyzed. Sample with nutmeg oil exhibited the highest oxidation stability. In addition, the higher the nutmeg oil concentration, the better the prevention of oil oxidation during the heat treatment. During the repeated frying with corn extrudate, nutmeg oil concentration of 4 g/kg palm olein oil was able to prevent lipid degradation. The acidic and peroxide value of the palm olein oil in the fryer was statistically similar to that of the extracted oil from the fried extrudate. Nutmeg oil can be considered as a potential natural antioxidant for industrial frying of snack food products.

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  • Frying
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