Value addition of oilseed meal: a focus on bioactive peptides

  • Deepak Kadam
  • S. S. Lele
Original Paper


Oilseed meal is a good source of nutritional components, especially proteins that gives a health promoting effect in humans. Many of the proteins and peptides in oilseed meal are biologically active. These peptides show various activities such as hypertensive, anti-oxidative, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and hypocholesterolemic. Therefore they are considered to be potential therapeutic agents in enhancing the human health. Moreover, they possess a great scope as prospective ingredients in food industry to improve the quality of consumer’s life. This review assesses the prospective of oilseed meal as a source of bioactive peptides. Also we describe the characteristics of various protein hydrosylates and bioactive peptides derived from oilseed meal in order to enhance the utility and profitability of oilseed meal.


Oilseed meal Bioactive peptides Therapeutic agent Food ingredient 



The work was supported by a grant from the UGC-BSR, PhD fellowship and was carried out in Food Engineering and Technology Department, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (India).

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This review is not submitted in any other journal and maintains the originality of work to be considered. The other authors are aware of the submission of this review.


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