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High-Speed Confocal Imaging Platform Introduced

Andor, an Oxford Instruments company, has launched Dragonfly 200, the latest model of its innovative high-speed confocal imaging platform. Dragonfly integrates Andor’s cameras with patented illumination technologies and optimized optical design to deliver outstanding image quality characterized by low noise, wide dynamic range, high resolution, and exceptional sensitivity. The Perfect Illumination Delivery system (Borealis) used for confocal and widefield imaging provides exceptional stability, uniformity, and spectral range, which enables imaging in the NIR region, where natural autofluorescence of the sample is dramatically reduced.

Up to twenty times faster than conventional confocal microscopes, Dragonfly is a highly productive imaging platform, with superior spatial and temporal resolution, often revealing previously undetected information in microscopic specimens.

The Dragonfly 200 is being introduced to enable use on upright...

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