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Oct 2–5 Dec 4–7

Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist™ Open image in new window

ASM World Headquarters, Materials Park, OH

Metals and alloys are used in the greatest variety of applications of all engineering materials. As such it is essential for those involved in manufacturing, engineering, and construction to have an understanding of what metals are, how they behave, and why they behave differently than ceramics, glass, and plastics. It is also important to understand how they can be made stronger or more corrosion resistant, how they can be shaped by casting, forging, forming, machining, or welding, and how these processes can alter properties. This course provides this important knowledge to those who are not metallurgists (3.0 CEUs).

Oct 8

Titanium Science, Technology, and Applications

Pittsburgh, PA

Held in conjunction with Materials Science and Technology (MS&T 2017), this program covers the science of titanium including alloying effects, phase diagrams, microstructures, and...


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