Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Jun 8–9

Liability of Engineers: How to Stay Out of Trouble

Charleston, SC

There has been an expansion over the years of the liability of engineers for design, job site inspection, safety, and contract administration. This course covers the responsibilities and liabilities of engineers, both contractually and from case law. It provides an understanding of the interrelationships between engineers, owners, and contractors on a project, and the contract and legal principles that apply thereto. Attendees will learn how to properly document the job and why it is essential, and how to head off problems by using the right contract language, including clean and fair terms. Advice will be given on actions to take during the design phase and the construction phase that will minimize problems, and how to effectively resolve disputes that inevitably surface. The seminar will be presented in an informal, interactive style, using real life examples. Participants will be given practical,...


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